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Can you call “barre” a barre class without an actual barre?

By Missy | In Barre, Blog | on April 19, 2019

Barre by definition is as follows ( totally copied and pasted from internet )- a horizontal bar at waist level on which ballet dancers rest a hand for support during certain exercises.

Barre workouts have been on the rise for the past 5 years or so. A new way to get the workout done, the classes are based on small muscle movements incorporating small hand weights and pulses!!!! Pulse this and pulse that long enough and you have the makings of an intense routine. Hopefully where your workout instructor has put together an upbeat & energetic routine that keeps you from staring at the clock the whole time!!! Now the question at hand is can you call a barre class literally that, a barre class without an actual barre ? At the Training Camp, located in San Juan Capistrano, California, a legit ballet barre surrounds the perimeter of the room. This barre is used for at least 1/3 if not more during the 1 hour heated barre class. Oh ya, did I mention the classes are heated too? Heated to a sweaty 85 degrees, year round for the workout enthusiast that knows the benefit of heat shock proteins ( I will save that for another blog post – your welcome).

Incorporating actual use of the barre during class in my opinion, is what separates barre from mat pilates or any other fitness class that uses small hand weights etc. and calls it a barre workout. The client has the ability to perform exercises, bear weight (to build strength), and work on balance in a way that is not feasible without the form of support that the barre offers. So let’s circle back to the hype that has been surrounding barre as a form of exercise and business owners wanting to expand/profit on the upward trend in the fitness industry. Studio owners will try, and good on them, but slapping a name on something that is completing lacking an integral component of the class itself, is calling a rose by another name, it’s not the same.


Training Camp offers a 2 week trial for new clients for $49 – unlimited visits in the 2 week time frame

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