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May gray ‘gotcha down’?

By Missy | In Blog | on May 15, 2019

For us southern Californians this gloom and doom weather is the pits!!! Our bodies and minds are struggling with this pacific north west-ish climate. Give us a morning of blue sky with the sun shining and everyone is up, full of energy and ready to take on the day. Which in the case of us, Training Camp hot yoga, barre and circuit training studio, the clients come rushing in. It takes less will power and self motivation to get to the gym when the misty gray mornings, what seems like full days currently, have disappeared into dawns past. That being said, how do we manage this seasonal ‘weather depression’???


There is nothing like the heat of the our hot yoga and barre room. Now add the benefits of exercise:

*increased endorphins, a positive mood boost is right on the back end of that

*decrease feelings of stress,anxiety and depression

*it is an energy booster

Those are only a few but enough to get us out of this heavy laden feeling associated with the May gray blahs. If the heat in our yoga and barre room is a little much, we offer a weight room/fitness center. You can work out on your own or participate in the circuit training program.


Never tried us out ? Training Camp offers a 2 week trial $49 for new students – see ya soon


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